26 Small business ideas in India that you can start from home with low investment

List of small business ideas in India that you can start from home with as low as ₹50,000 and make profit.

1. Tomato Sauce Making Business
 Types of tomato sauce
 Machinery required to set up a tomato sauce making business
 2. Dry Fruits Business
 3. Start Stationery Shop
 4. Ginger Garlic Paste Making Business
 Raw Material & Packaging
 Equipment and Machinery
 5. Online Dropshipping Business
 What Is a Dropshipping?
 How do I start a dropshipping business?
 6. Start Your School
 7. Goat Farming Business
 Benefits of goat farming
 8. Toilet Cleaner making business
 9. Sanitary pad (napkin) making business
 10. T-shirt Printing Business
 How do I start a T-shirt Printing Business
 Keep in mind before you start a T-shirt Printing
 Equipment is needed to start a T-shirt Printing
 11. Black board chalk Making Business
 12. School Uniforms or School Dress Business
 13. Phenyl tablets Making Business / Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing
 14. Flower Business
 15. Cotton shirt business
 16. Import Export Business
 17. Detergent Powder Making Business
 18. Tiffin Service Business
 19. Real Estate Business
 Some real estate business niches
 20. Clothing Boutique
 21. Food Parlour
 22. Lawn Care Service or Landscape Design
 21. Game Parlor
24. Advertising Agency
 25. Yoga Teacher / Instructor
 26. Fish Aquarium Business

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